Watch a three-year-old draw or sing. Very rarely will you see a toddler stop to erase and start over or be phased by messing up a lyric. They are prolific creators. Insatiable artists and performers who are unaware of the word ‘edit’ or the phrase ‘it needs revision’. I know, I have a three-year-old. Now watch a seven or eight-year-old. You’ll notice more changes. More “it’s not good enough” and more comparison to others who they feel are more talented than themselves. I also know this because I have a seven-year-old.

Both of my daughters are in two completely different phases as little artists. On one hand, I’m so proud of my seven-year-old for trying harder and honing her skills. On the other hand, it’s crushing to know that she beats herself up if she feels her art isn’t great or as good as other students in her class. It’s crushing because I know that feeling of inadequacy doesn’t tend to go away as she progresses. It just grows like a virus and may stay with her all the way into adulthood.

Comparison and the feeling of inadequacy are only a couple of the many reasons adults tend to put their personal creative work in life’s proverbial time capsule only to find it years later and look on it with feelings of regret and remorse for leaving the work unfinished. That’s exactly why two years ago, I wrote the book, UNFINISHED. I wanted to give practical tips for busy adults and parents to help them pursue their own creative fulfillment and complete projects they’ve set aside because of life circumstances. I wanted to give encouragement to creatives that fear even the thought of putting their work out for all the world to judge. I also wanted to write this book to prove the methods in UNFINISHED actually work. I used every idea in the book to write UNFINISHED all while working fulltime and raising two children under the age of four with my wife.

Torschlusspanik (GERMAN)

“The fear that time is running out to act, often regarding a life goal or opportunity.”


Have you abandoned your passion projects? My hope with this book was always that people like yourself could pick up this short read and get inspired to attack their passion projects where they left off. I want you to feel the rush of joy that comes from completing a project and get hooked on the process — to enter into a life of artistry again as we were when we were three-year-olds creating without worry about what others thought of our work or if it is ‘good enough’. That’s why I titled this website ‘Unfinished.life’. I believe the process of dreaming, completing and repeating our life’s work if done right, continues till the day we die.

We are coming up on a New Year. A fresh start for you and your work. I’ve dropped the price as low as I could for UNFINISHED on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

I’ve also created a COACHING section as a service to you if you would like one-on-one coaching and accountability through your goals this coming year. I talk a lot in my book about how accountability and consequences for not completing my goals are key foundations for an approach toward ‘finished’. If you’d like help in 2018, LET’S CHAT!


“A bursting happiness and peace encountered after a task has been finished and there is nothing left to be done.”

Suaimhneas Croi (IRISH)

“We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.”

Abraham Maslow

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